Tour of Stars Homes in Palm Springs

Main Menu During a visit to Palm Spring we took a a self guided toar of the homes of many stars. Surpisingly, most of these homes were very ordinary, certainly not what we would have expected, though in part this is because many of them were stars before the days of big bucks for persanilities. This page describes the route that we took and what we found. There are maps available for purchase from the Palm Springs Visitor's center at (760) 778-8418. The maps that are available list many more stars homes than the ones we saw, and the maps plot a route that will take you by all of them.

Our tour started at the intersection of Palm Canyon road and Vista Chino. We headed West on Vista Chino to 424 Vista Chino, once the home of Jack Benney.

Next we headed North on on via Norte and West on Chino Canyon Drive to 595 Chino Canyon Road, once the home of Zsa Zsa Gabor, then on to 845 Chino Canyon Road, once the home of Elvis Presley.

We then went East on Panorma Road and south on Via Norte, West on Stevens Road, and made a quick left on to Vine and a left onto Camino Norte which brough us to 335 Camino Norte, once the home of Howard Hughes.

We then went North on Kaweah and West on Stevens Road again to 670 Stevens Road, once the home of Debbie Reynolds.

From there we went South on Rose to 1326 Rose where Marilyn Monroe once lived, and 1258 Rose, once the home of Nat King Cole.

We then went East on Via Valdera, then North on Abrigo and North on Ladera Circle to 1350 Ladera Circle which had been the home of Elvis and Pricilla Presley between 1967 and 1968.

Once out of Ladera Circle, we went East into Las Palmas then South on Monte Vista to 1197 Monte Vista, the former home of Tony Martin and Cyd Charisse and on to 1123 Monte Vista where Dean and Jeannie Martin once lived.

We next went East on Moutnain View and North on Matencio, then east on Via Lola to 550 Via Lola, the home of Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell, as well as 515 Via Lola where Kirk Douglas once lived, and 425 Via Lola where Sydney Sheldon once lived.

We then went South on Chauila, and West on Hermosa to 369 Hermosa where Nancy and Ronald Reagan lived while he was Governer of California.

We then went South on Mission to 776 Mission, once the home of Spencer Tracy and Kathryn Hepburn, then we went West on Merito and South on Patencio and East on Chino to 444 Chino where Sammy Davis Jr once lived, and 222 Chino, once the home of Clark Gable and Carole Lombard.

We next went South on Belard, then east on Alejo to 1148 Alejo which had been the house of Frank Sinatra.

We then went North on Hermosa and West on Tamarisk, North on Cabaaleros West on El Alameda to a whole bunch of homes including 1011 El Alameda, the former home of Bing Crosby, 1029 El Alameda once the home of Dorothy Lamour, 1188 El Alameda the home of Bob Hope, and 1232 El Alameda the home of Hedy Lamarr.

We concluded our tour with a trip South on Deanza, West on Tamarisk, and North on Via Miraleste to 1194 Via Miralest which had been the home of Desi and Lucy Arnez.

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